2 to 20: Timeless Picks From This Year’s Best Boardshorts

by Stab May 24, 2020 2 min read

We’ve all had that favorite pair of boardies. Those ones that you’re just a little more excited to surf in, that are inexplicably more comfortable and get more wear than the rest.

While it’s impossible for every pair to be “that pair”, this is our attempt to narrow your search. These picks are bound to look and perform just as good in the next millennium as they do today. And they can surf anything from two-foot to 20.

All-wave pioneer Greg Noll had it right—at the end of the day all you really need is a board, a bar of wax, and a pair of shorts anyway. 




Quiksilver Pink Side Stripe

Quik Pink Stripe


Photography: Zak Bush

Quiksilver has been churning out classic designs since 1969. While we’ve come a long way since Mark Richards’ short shorts, this design fits perfect and has enough detail to pop without standing out from the crowd (that pink will also fade nicely with age). 



Banks Revelator


Something about the combo of green, yellow, and burnt orange tends to always age nicely. The well-fitting Banks Revelator is washed out and looks just as good on land as they do in the water. 

Volcom Rainbow Bridge


Bright red boardies have been around since the dawn of time. One pocket, stretchy, and fitting just above the knee, if you’ve ever loved a pair of Volcom boardshorts, we’re willing to bet this updated version could give them a run for their money. The light blue accent is a nice touch.

Vissla ‘Grow Your Own’ Boardshorts

vissla floral

Florals will never go out of style. The Vissla ‘Grow Your Own’ boardies are printed on a black blank so as to not pop excessively. With a single pocket and utilizing 70% recycled materials, these will always look good paired with a white tee and healthy conscience.


Vans Woodland Camo


The woodland aesthetic that comes with the tried and true orange/camo combo has fared well for those taming the great outdoors. This is cleverly juxtaposed by the sophistication of Vans’ “Trunk Lock” technology, which is used to keep these around your waist. 

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