A Weeks Worth Of Clips With Yago Dora

by stab June 12, 2020 1 min read

Perpetual smooth operator and longtime Stab favorite Yago Dora is no slouch when it comes to putting out consistently impactful surf edits.

Trust us, we would know, as we’re often tasked with trying to space them out on our site so as not to seem like Yago fangirls (which is a title we’d gladly accept). In fact, we posted this edit of Yago a mere two weeks ago, questioning why Brazil gets such a bad rap in terms of wave quality.

As it turns out, Brazil’s waves are of a surprisingly consistent quality, and Yago Dora knows it. Over the last several weeks, the goofy-foot’s been bagging clips that most would keep under lock and key for feature film parts, but instead he’s releasing them for free on the web.

Specifically, the 24-year-old stomps a full rotation as smooth as Arabian silk at 2:40, a somehow smoother slob at 3:33, and then two massive full rotations to cap it off.

Worthwhile viewing, click in above.

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