All-Star Derby at D’bah.

When the dreaded northerlies finally abated and a fresh south swell kissed North Coast shores earlier in the week, an all-star crew descended on D’bah. 

Not surprisingly WCT re-qualifier, Ethan Ewing was under heavy scrutiny from the camera. Australian fans are hopeful that Ewing’s return to surfing’s top-flight will yield better results this time around. In this freesurf jam he once again proves why expectations are so high for the gifted natural footer whose surfing is an eye-pleasing mixture of power and panache. 

However, this was anything but a one-man show as Liam O’Brien, Mitch Crews, Blake Neka, Parko, Kyuss King, Occy, Oscar Berry and Micah Margo all partook in the D’bah derby. 

With its consistent, punchy peaks D’bah has always been an epicentre of intense surfing action.  As Australia desperately seeks a title contender perhaps more highly-competitive D-bah sessions like this one are exactly what’s needed to raise the bar.       

If you can be the stand-out at D’bah on a good day, when the crew hits it, then you are probably worthy of a shot at the title.  


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