All That Glitters Is Gold With Luke Davis

by stab March 14, 2020 1 min read

Things have been weird in California. Not coronavirus weird, although San Clemente is officially sold out of toilet paper. In the sanctity of the Pacific, where things are supposed to make more sense to us, it’s been atmospherically schizophrenic. It’s the kind of season that you’d have to grow up here to know when and where is good. There have been windows, it’s just they’ve been fleeting.

There have been moments of offshore delight. There are sneaky sandbars that only like the minus tide and the short-interval stuff. Stuff you wouldn’t expect if you were obtusely watching the webcams. And there have been combo swell days that have lit the bigger name bars up. Yes, winter hasn’t been a wash, rather it’s just taken rigor to stay on it.

Chasing all this takes time, energy, and knowledge—traits that Luke Davis has in spades. Throwing the boards in the back of the rig, hitting the road, and putting himself in the right place at the right time, this winter the scores haven’t been as obvious, but as his new video drop proves, they’ve been there if you know where to look. 


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