An All Ladies Triple Feature In Haleiwa

by Stab December 08, 2019 2 min read

We’re living in the age of women. And we love it!

Last night, Vans held their lady’s movie night. Our elegant Frenchie, Tiph Cazalis with a microphone in hand, hosted the triple-header after the crowd stuffed themselves on farm to table eats, chilled red, white, and rose wine and brews that went fast. When the beers ran out, a couple of handsome Vans men ran to the local grocery store to replenish the beverage department. If there’s one thing Vans never fails to do, it’s keeping their guests with drinks in hands and full bellies.

The first film was Hanna Scott’s Getting Better at Canada. It’s a well done little number where resident surfer, Miss Scott, goes on an all-girls surf/camp/adventure in an attempt to further understand what it means to be off the grid in her home country. You can watch it below.

Next budding style icon, Karina Rozunko’s film played. It’s called Doll Riot, directed by Jimmy Jazz, with art direction by Ozzie Wright. It’s tripped out, colorful, and delicately dark. Karina was put on this earth to ride a longboard with a groovy fervor. And we appreciate that. The soundtrack rips. The interludes are radical. And you’ll be able to find it on after its release (which is about a week away!).

Rounding off the lady’s film fest is Ainara Aymat Sambal Sambal, which co-stars Lee-Ann Curren. If you’re unfamiliar with Ainara we encourage you to get acquainted. She’s stunning, punk rock, and knows how to work all three of the fins beneath her back foot. Watch it below and turn the volume way the fuck up.

Tap the arrow above for a few scenes from the night and wash it down with the short films.

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