An Occ-Cast Triple Threat For Your Sunday Afternoon

by stab April 19, 2020 1 min read

Have you watched too many surf clips of late? Well, we have the antidote for you. No it isn’t some book suggestions or documentary series on Netflix—we’re a surf site, so have to stay in our lane. We do however have Occy facetiming some surfers.

With lockdown making face-to-face interviews an issue, someone showed Occ his way around an iPhone and let rip with some of the world’s best surfers.

Up top we have Occy, the ’99 World Champion chatting with Italo, who won the world title 20 years later.

And down below Occy gets on the line with Jack Freestone—who’s escaped to Kauai with his partner, Alana, and on Banks. With Occy also dialling up Seth Moniz to find out how he’s spending his time. 

There’s 2020 CT speculation, the usual pandemic related talk, conversations about surfing, and what they’ve all been up to in this extended off season. The only remaining question is why is Occy’s reception so shit?

I’d type out what else was in the interviews, but frankly I have a ripping headache I’m sure can only be satiated by an ice cold tin.

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