Bad Music And Heavy Tubes Aren’t The Worst Combo

by stab April 14, 2020 1 min read

It’s very possible that you don’t know the name of Ocean City, Maryland’s favorite ex-plumber, Brad Flora.

The reasons for this may vary from regional biases to music taste, but the most likely culprit of Brad’s anonymity is his penchant for injury.

Due to an apparent calcium deficiency combined with a general disregard for his own well-being (the sections he hits on a regular basis are certifiably torqued), Brad can typically be found cracking blue claws at the local crab bar; filming his non-injured buddies on the beach; or more recently, mowing foam in the shaping bay; all while nursing a knee/ankle/hip injury and plotting his next scheme for world domination.

But every once in a blue moon, when Brad is healthy enough to surf, we watch

The clips above come from Brad’s first trip following a complete hip reconstruction, which if you can believe it, started as a knee injury (the kid is cursed, we’re telling you!). None of this stopped Mr. Flora from hurling himself over the ledge of Panama’s most virile wedges, presumably impregnating his ears with sand in the process.

Fun fact: during his most recent injury, Brad took up the ancient art of surfboard shaping. The majority of the crafts in this clip were hand-cut by Brad himself. 

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