Behind the Shot: Bainy’s First Big Win

As told by Rob Bain  

“I had driven down the start of that week in my old Falcon and was staying in the Wollongong pub. It was a classic old school, shared bathroom, porno mags left under the bed, type of joint – a dive, but real cheap. I remember beating MR in the man on man quarters, so that was a bloody milestone (even though he was on his way to retiring). It was a wet old week from memory in The Gong and I made it to the final where me and Curren were going into a best of three scenario. I was stoked to find a few little sneaky barrels and ended up getting Curren 2-0. It was huge for me, as I was just coming through and Cuzza was coming off like five straight wins. If you’re gonna do an Aussie underdog win, then the Gong is the place to do it.

It was when my world changed a bit. I went from the Gong pub room a few days prior, to sitting at Channel Nine studios Monday morning with Liz Hayes all dressed up in my best gear.

I had some epic battles with Curren and loved nothing more than getting up in his grills.”

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