Cam Richards Isn’t *Just* A Pipe Specialist

by stab March 22, 2020 1 min read

Cam Richards grew up surfing the smallest waves known to man in Garden City, South Carolina. 

How he got so good at surfing in general, let alone at maxing Pipeline, we’ll never quite understand. But in modern times, we’d argue there’s no non-North Shore resident who packs more consistently WOTW-worthy tubes along Oahu’s premiere stretch than Cam. CTers included. 

But don’t let that detract from Cam’s agility in the small stuff. He’s extremely light-footed and stomps a variety airs with shocking consistency. Last year, Cam finished 45th on the Men’s QS, so you can’t rule out a CT berth somewhere down the line (though this year, it seems unlikely anyone will be qualifying—Michael Dunphy be damned). 

Yesterday, we received a DM from Cam saying: 

Hello guys! Crazy world we are living in right now, I hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy! I thought, what would be a better time to put a video out while we are all stuck inside sitting on our phones and computers reading about how the world that we know it may never be the same? So, Layne Stratton and I sat down and put together a compilation of myself surfing during the very little free time I have in between the Quey. I tried to give everyone a little bit of everything, so I hope you guys enjoy it!”

And enjoy it we did. Watch Cam’s “For What It’s Worth” above.

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