Can A Six-Foot Man Ride A 4’10 Twin Fin?

by stab March 12, 2020 1 min read

Asher Pacey stands at five feet and eleven inches, which makes him six-foot on Tinder. 

In this increasingly digital age, where the appearance of online personas far outweighs our face-to-face interactions, we can accept this falsified height as truth, making it all the more impressive when he rips the tits off a 4’10 twinny. 

According to inside sources, the sessions above were Asher’s first on his would-be sponsor’s (Album) boards. After falling in love with the miniature pocket rocket in sweepy Mexican points, Asher reportedly flew home and signed a contract with the luxury California-gone-Australian brand. 

Can you blame him?

Oh, and keep in mind that these are B-clips from Asher’s Snapt4 section….

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