Cornrows And Corduroy Suit Dylan Graves Remarkably Well

by stab June 17, 2020 1 min read

Well, this is the best traction ad we’ve seen…ever?

Above you’ll find Dylan Graves’ welcome-to-the-Octopus-team video part, which from its cornrowed beginnings to its explosive end is a true surf masterpiece. 

According to the Octopus crew:

“Dylan did several missions to Puerto Rico just to get this wedge blowing up on itself for his Octo Part. He had a vision for what he wanted his part to look like, and when it came to naming it, Dylan asked us if we thought it’d be ok if to call the video EXPLOSION SALAD, which is an actual menu item at the world-renowned eating establishment, Chile’s. Our answer was, ‘It’s Octopus! Of course you can name your part EXPLOSION SALAD!’ and the rest is history.”

Once a “traditional” pro surfer, Dylan has since focused his talents and charm toward more wide-reaching opportunities, most notably Vans’ Weird Waves series, where Dyl traverses the globe in search of non-normative breakers.

But for those who may have forgotten, the Puerto Rican can still toss a mean Caesar (with extra croutons).

Allow this video to detonate your lettuce.

And get grippy here. 

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