Dane Reynolds Breaks Digital Quietude, Gives The People What They Want

by stab March 02, 2020 2 min read

There is no point in hiding this organization’s unabashed, rigorous, near-sycophanitc fanboyism of Dane Reynolds. 

Given an option for talent, in front of a camera, or behind his computer in his Carpinteria garage, Dane’s our first pick. That one of surfing’s most eloquent and critical voices also remains a multi-generational North Star as far as aggressive surfing, understated style and aesthetic, and post-modern surfboard design, is something we’re all luckier for, and we’re forever indebted to him for perennially offering his time on projects like Stab In The Dark, or The Electric Acid Surfboard Test (as there are many hands held out Dane’s way, many mouths to feed, etc.). 

That Stab benefits from Dane’s scarcity, and the near-unanimous sense that the more of him we get the better, is no secret, but staff text threads lit up gleefully at the news, announced via ambiguous mixed-media Instagram post, that after year’s of digital quietude after the shuttering of the surfing internet’s beloved Marine Layer Productions, Dane was thinking he might “start blogging again I know blogs are dead but still feels like the right platform to post surf videos and opinion and include my friends I surf with every day. Stay tuned.” 

The post lit up immediately with enthusiastic support. At the time of this writing it’s accrued more than 20k likes, and almost 600 comments. 

In a world of daily heartbreak and panic-level alarmism, it’s tiny victories like Dane’s return to regular form that make it bearable to open our laptops some days.

While we have you, go look at the new Former range—tell me you don’t yearn to be fuckin cool enough to wear the Hunt NYC leather jkt they just dropped. Also, for every yellow Former beanie they sell from now on, we’ll hide three of our Editor in Chief’s in funny places and post the treasure hunt on our personal instagrams. 


-Stab Editorial Staff

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