Dane Reynolds’ Chapter 11 TV: Ep. 02 – Eithan Osborne

Did you catch the drop of Dane Reynolds’ new Chapter 11 TV? The second coming of Marine Layer is here, though this time it’s not just a platform for Dane himself.

Dane’s second offering under Chapter 11 just dropped, and it features fellow Santa Cruz Eithan Osborne, and in the description for the clip, he offers hints as to what Chapter 11 is all about.

“I’m forever grateful for guys like Taylor Steele and Kai Neville who gave my generation a platform to do tricks to music. And thankful for surf magazines that organised trips and employed surf photographers who took pictures of us which got printed in said magazines thus validating sponsorships.

“That system has collapsed, and it ain’t comin’ back.

“If Chapter 11 TV has any small part in guiding the next generation of surfers and keeping it fun while providing a platform the way magazines and video makers did for us, then for me that’s a success.”

While we’d argue that the printed medium still has a place and that we take as much pride in our printed issues as we ever have, there’s no denying the model has shifted dramatically, and hey, if Dane Reynolds can use Chapter 11 as an effective tool to help promote those surfers he believes deserve success, then we believe the future is in good hands, and look forward to watching it unfold.

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