Dave Rastovich And His Twin-Fin Near Home

by stab September 13, 2018 1 min read

Dave Rastovich pervades every niche, corner and cranny of the surf scene. Whether you’re a hi-fidelity shred-head, or a doobie toking, twin-fin revivalist, it’s impossible not to like him. 

This above clip features Rasta riding a Gary McNeill twin that’s nearly identical to the one Dane tears upon in our Electric Acid Surfboard Test. The clip is titled, Wajung – the Indigenous name for the bottlenose dolphin – and showcases Dave tubing, sliding and slashing around his northern NSW home. 

Depending on your editing preference it may lean a little heavily on the slow-mo side, but if you dial all your senses in, we’re certain the soundtrack from Nick Wales will soothe your impatience.

Slow your racing mind down for the next five mins and click in.

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