Dave Rastovich’s Tales From The Fish

by stab January 26, 2018 1 min read

It’s always interesting to see an A-list surfer retreat from the mainstream feeding frenzy towards more eccentric pastures. 

Perhaps none have done so as well as Dave Rastovich (though Asher Pacey’s been steadily chipping away). His four-wave cameo on a 5’3 twin fin in Thomas Campbell’s Sprout sent surfers from Lennox to Lagundri Bay, Long Beach, NY to San Sebastian, Spain, scrambling to find a proper fish.

Over the last few years, Rasta has been working with Gary McNeill on twin- and four-fin fishes, and the steady drip of clips that have come from his exploits in and around Byron Bay—surfing the exquisite and terrifyingly lonely lineups that have emptied out over the last few years of shark attacks in the region—have demonstrated the true performance potential of the unorthodox designs. 

Enjoy the short film above, by the inimitable Nathan Oldfield, on Rasta’s remarkably fun looking quiver. 



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