Craig Anderson’s Blog from Electric’s – Dawn Sleepers & Sunset Creepers

Here I am, on my first trip with Electric since joining the team at the beginning of this year. Sickest crew to hang with and surfing with every-one has been blowing my mind. Rasta’s surfing is off the hook, are you for real how good this guy surfs.

Our day started with yet another sleep-in hahahaha, we’re all useless at getting up for the early. It’s been a pretty shitty day here a few massive rain showers have hit us through out the day. Ry and I check our favorite wedge Turners at least four times today before hitting it just on dark.

Since we spent most the day hanging around Monkey and Pete thought we should best get out and experience some of the local town attractions. So a few rounds of lawn bowls, with some cold beers it was at the local bowls club. I was pretty bad to start with but ended up smoking them all……….well I won the first two rounds and beat Hoy.

Dinner is about to be served and the boys are cracking me a cold beer so better hit it. Thanks and make sue you tune in soon for our team video coming out next month with Tracks.

Craig aka Nandos Chicken

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