Db Is Giving Away Enough Luggage To Last A Lifetime

by Zack Raffin July 10, 2021 2 min read

The year is 2065.

You arrive at your favorite international travel hub in an autonomous vehicle and step out onto a chrome sidewalk. There is not a single fume, odor, or microorganism out of place. There is neither a security line nor a cumbersome curbside check-in station in sight. The trunk immediately opens, and you pull from it a sleek interlocking luggage system that allows you to wheel all of your… (Bang*Crash*Boom*).

Welcome back to reality. While your dreams of a utopian travel experience must wait, thankfully, we weren’t kidding about that last part. Our friends at Db have spent the past 12 years developing what is unequivocally the most uniform, user-friendly travel luggage in the game… and we don’t say this in jest. This range is perfectly suited for the man/woman who values slipping in and out of airports in the most efficient, practical manner available to them, and for surfers all this spells is more time in the water.

Dbhas gone and created a legitimate product innovation that quite literally lifts the weight from their user’s shoulders and places it upon what is quite possibly human kind’s most ingenious invention: the wheel.

Kepa Acero illustrating true travel bliss. Photo: Marc Dura

As a Stab employee, there have been plenty of instances where I’ve been THAT guy. The crazed lunatic lugging stubborn bags stuffed with camera gear, production equipment, and surfboards. There is nothing worse than trudging through customs with sweat escaping from every pore.

Our friends at Db have finally said enough. Founded by world travelers and free ski enthusiasts Jon Olsson and Truls Brataas, they have developed an interlocking luggage system that allows for maximum ease when carrying your biggest loads on any form of worldly transportation. While there are many good bags on the market, none offer Db‘s patented interlocking tech. Db‘s premium hook and daisy chain system allows for many parts to become whole with an ease of use that can only be describes as foolproof. As they so cheekily put it: they’ve got the hook up. The best part? They want to share over $1000 USD worth of their gear with you for free.

Racked, stacked and ready to roll. Photo: Owen Tozer

Db has put together a giveaway including 5 products that could quite literally carry you from Anchorage to Argentina and back again. The prize pack includes The Bunker Boardbag, The Shelter Boardbag, The Little Bastard, luggage bag, The Backpack Pro, and The Proper Laptop Cover.

How to enter:

– Follow Db on Instagram

Comment on Stab’s Instagram where you’re going on your next journey

– Tag two friends.

It’s really that simple, three easy tasks stand between you and travel bliss. What’re you waiting for? If it’s good enough for Jordy, Sage, Craig and Kepa then it’s damn sure good enough for you.

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