Dead Whale Washes Up At Lowers

by stab April 28, 2016 2 min read

In the “now that’s something you don’t see everyday” category, a 40-foot dead whale washed up on the point at Lower Trestles today.

By early afternoon westerly winds had chopped up the surf and beached the giant marine mammal. Gawkers and Instagramers trotted eagerly down the dusty trail.

A local fisherman reported seeing two dead whales off the coast recently. It’s expected that the second one will also wash up in San Clemente. The fisherman also reported that the whales appeared to have died of natural causes, but more conclusive evidence is still pending.

It’s not exactly clear how the whale will be removed from Southern California’s favourite A-frame. Ideally, lifeguards would be able to get a line around its tail, wait for a high tide, float it off the cobblestones and tow it out to sea. Other unlikely remedies that have been bandied about include blowing the carcass up or burying it.

Whatever the powers that be chose to do, expect Lowers to be a lot more sharky in the near term. Mind you, Dane Gudauskas was out last summer when he saw a great white breach. Nearby San Onofre, most notably the Trails area, is a reputed shark zone. And lifeguards have witnessed the sharks feeding on whale carcasses in local waters in the past.

Sad as it is to see nature take its course, maybe, just maybe, there’s finally something to get the crowd under control. At sunset there wasn’t a single surfer in the water – and not even a board on the beach.

And because, uh, he’s Kelly Slater, here’s what @kellyslater had to say about it: “Anyone for a surf at Trestles? Im sure that #BeachedWhale oil should keep the crowds to a minimum coming into summer! Sketchy. Great white sightings sure seemed to coincide with the burying of a whale 15+ years back by Trails. Not saying they weren’t around before then but they’ve been sniffing around the area consistently since then. I wonder if they can/will tow this thing back out to sea before it completely decays in the rocks or do a necropsy on it. Anybody know? Can’t help but think this (washing up right in the middle of #Lowers) is Karma for humans possibly having some part in this whale’s death and the whale sending us a message we can’t help but have a look at. A mile or two south and we probably wouldn’t take nearly as much notice. Good summer to surf the wave pool.”

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