Dean Morrison, cashing in on sunset, Indo

by John Barton March 08, 2016 1 min read

Golden hour – that brief moment of beauty when the big orange ball rises or falls from the sky, offering photographers one last chance to essentially, make shit happen. Being the first day of a hyped-up swell in the Mentawais, Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison knew there were a few people in town, but with northerly winds blowing for several days, there was a larger than expected crowd at Bank Vaults for this late afternoon session, making it even more difficult to nail a photo.

“This was one of those shots that was meant to be,” recalls photog John Barton. “The light was fading fast and the sets were lulling. I was late into the water and still yet to link up with someone on a set in the notoriously shifty line-up. I was about to call it a day, then right at the buzzer, just moments before the sun sunk below the horizon, Dingo locked into this bomb. When he saw me he stood tall, hands behind his back, and gave the kind of smile, that only a surfer as comfortable as he is in big waves, can give.”

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