Desert Point Perfection With A Guy Named Gordo

by Tracks October 13, 2015 1 min read

His name is Gordo and boy does he know how to get barreled. The details are pretty thin on this clip from Pedro Yasbek titled, Gordo Going Indo, other than it features a guy by the name of Gordo scoring some smokers at Desert Point. I hate to be a spoiler but our hero also happens to deliver half a dozen of the heaviest claims ever.

But can you really blame someone who has just tasted euphoric bliss? You’ll probably recall the furore surrounding Craig Jarvis’ column about Jadson Andre’s over enthusiastic claim in round two of the Quiksilver Pro, France that spewed poison out of keyboard warriors from here to Timbuktu.

Swellnet’s Stu Nettle has asked whether Gordo’s case is just a form of self expression:

“Are these claims a bad thing? I mean, he’s freesurfing so it’s not like he’s trying to milk the judges for an extra half a point. It’s an authentic gesture of stoke, right? And all that looking back at the cameraman to make sure he got the shot must also be genuine expressions of stoke, right?”

(Read in full here)

So do we pardon Gordo this time round or is it pitch forks at twenty paces?

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