Development Plans Approved For Wave Pool In Germany

by Jack Mutschler May 27, 2021 1 min read

A company called SURFTOWN recently got approved to build a wave pool in Munich. Given the strong surf community around the Eisbach wave, the addition of a surf park seems appropriate.

According to Endless Surf:

SURFTOWN MUC will offer authentic running waves that can be generated every 10 seconds for up to 180 meters, thanks to an innovative surf pool technology called Endless Surf. The facility will include additional lifestyle amenities like fitness areas, food & beverage, surf & lifestyle retail, and lounge areas by the beach to accompany the waves. The sports and leisure park in the airport’s immediate vicinity aims to appeal to all ages and surf skill levels, from professionals to newcomers. The focus is on creating an atmosphere that promotes the fun of the sport and offers an authentic surf and lifestyle experience for everyone. Breaking ground later this year, waves are expected to be pumping by 2023.

SURFTOWN also plans to steer towards a more sustainable surf park, with 80% of the energy needed to power it comes from renewable resources.

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