Did Jay Davies Just Get Scooped Up By The Former Team?

by Jack Mutschler January 13, 2020 1 min read

Jay Davies, the surfer with nuts so massive he has trouble using a standard-sized toilet, appears to have dipped his pen in some company ink.

The tube-packing West Oz bogeyman posted a few shots on Instagram stories yesterday, showcasing a care package from those jolly old boys at Former. Could the package be a nice gesture from company founder and friend Greg Craig Anderson? Possibly, but stickers on boards usually hint at something a bit more incentivized.

You may recall Jay being dropped by his main sponsor, RVCA, last year, after a 15-year career of professional surfing.  As shown in Surf100, his career path took an abrupt turn towards tug boat operator. This shift in profession subsequently led to him putting out “Spirit,” the runner-up for Stab’s Best Surf Edit of 2020, and one of the most inspiring 15 minutes ever released by a surfer without a main sponsor.

If these speculations are true and Jay is the newest member of the Former team, expect an absolute fucked up piece of surf cinematography to follow.

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