Did Somebody Say D’Bah?

If you are up early in Aus’ reading this then chances are Kieren Perrow is already down at the beach in a freshly pressed collared shirt getting ready to make the call as to whether or not the 2016 WSL season will get underway at the poor cousin of Coolangatta­ – D’Bah.

Last year the WSL elected not to go over the hill and technically across the border when the swell dribbled into Snapper and D’Bah offered surfable waves. In the end it was only an extension in the waiting period that saved the day for a contest that was maligned by meager conditions. Although no one ever heard the eventual event winner, Filipe Toledo, complain.

However, this year it seems that D’Bah’s wedging, teepee peaks have become a much more viable option for an organisation that’s willing and able to go mobile.

Last night all the talk amongst team managers indicated that D’Bah was the potential go to location for the opening day of the contest. Even if we don’t see heats surfed at D’Bah on day one, based on the change of attitude to the alternative venue, it seems it will definitely be an option with the current swell outlook.

This afternoon the surfers were split between the two breaks. After captain caveman, Wade Carmichael, convincingly won the trials Jordy Smith, Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Wiggolly Dantals, Nat Young and Kenoa Igarashi all paddled out at Snapper. With the coaches from the Hurley High Performance Centre, Josh Fuller and Clancy Dawson, casually critiquing the afternoon session it was one full rail turn of Jordy’s that had the professional analysts itchy with excitement. Meanwhile over at D’bah another cast of WSL contenders led by Mick Fanning were thrashing at the windblown lips. Only KP’s call will make it clear who did their dress rehearsal at the right venue.

A huge thanks to Isuzu for providing the Tracks team with vehicles for the 2016 Quiksiliver Pro Gold Coast.

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