Did The Odds Of An Italian Surfer Winning Olympic Gold Just Double?

by stab July 24, 2021 2 min read

Update:Due to unforeseen ISA/IOC bylaws, it was recently revealed that Costa Rica’s Carlos Muñoz will be taking Frederico Morais’ spot in the Olympics — not Italy’s Angelo Bonomelli. We’ll be doing a follow-up story to clear up any confusion.

Portuguese surfer Frederico Morais announced that he will not be competing in surfings Olympic Debut, as he has tested positive for Covid 19.

His post reads:

This is likely the saddest video I’ve ever had to post. In 2019 I qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that were postponed because of COVID-19. And now, because of the virus, I won’t be able to compete nor represent my country. 

Lucky my life has always been filled with obstacles that I’ve overcome one by one, this will be no different. Paris 2024 I’ll be ready! 

Good luck to my country Portugal, I’ll be there with you in thought!

I’m certain you memorized that puzzling chart of alternates the ISA provided a few weeks back, which for hard-to-explain reasons listed Leo Fioravanti as the alternate for a few competitors from various countries. The universe swung in his favor after Jordy underwent knee surgery and pulled out.

Photo by ISA

According to the ISA’s index, which they posted in June, Italian surfer Angelo Bonomelli will replace Frederico Morais. If this list still holds water, this means Italy, the country which originally had zero qualified surfers, will now have two male competitors at the Olympics.

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