Did you miss Tom Curren in ‘Free Scrubber’ ?

by Tracks February 12, 2021 1 min read

Perhaps you have already enjoyed the quirky wizardry of Tom Curren as he weaves down Mexican Points on an array of craft, and performs impromptu jams on his various instruments. If so, ‘Free Scrubber’ is probably worth another look. This is not your typical two-minute banger clip, it’s the kind of installation that stays with you. Before you know it, you are running down to your local beach and trying in vain to replicate Curren’s timeless frontside cut-back – the important thing is, you are inspired and at least trying. 

If you haven’t seen ‘Free Scrubber’ then set aside some time on a Friday, kick-back, and let Tommy Curren put you under a spell.  



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