Did you win the Stab x Corona Prize Pack?

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

We’re all surf nerds. The Internet has made us all so worldly! We all think we’ve watched enough footage, seen enough photos, that we could identify any well known surf spot in the world just by looking at a feathering lip…

And so, in that spirit, Stab and Corona Extra are gifting a prize pack to one lucky reader, from those who identified our mystery wave as Cloudbreak. We gave a crop of the lip, and of the many who correctly answered, we chose a name at random. Congratulations to:

Jordan Fallander

Jordan scores:

– 2 x Chilli Surfboards
– 2 x Sets of Stab x Mitch Coleborn fins
– 2 x Stab Bento LS T-Shirts
– 2 x Stab x Modom Waterman’s Travel Bags

Thanks for playing!

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