Dillon Perillo, backside hit, Indo

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Right now, there’s a team of men assembling on a boat in Indonesia. It’s a DC x Stab x Transworld joint and although the internet out there is scratchy, you’re gonna be getting live and hot updates for the trip’s duration.

While Ry Craike is set to arrive today, with Mitch Coleborn and Craig Anderson checking in tomorrow, Dillon Perillo is already on site and steaming through turns like this one.

“Freshly off of what seemed like three days of travel we were greeted with some beautiful lefts at sunset,” says photog Ryan Miller, who’s on hand. “Eager to wash his sins away from the plane ride, Dillon was straight out there. Here he’s practicing up on his backside because he knows his game has to be on in the lefts once the rest of the crew (all goofy) arrives.”

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