Dillon Perillo, Coxos, Portugal

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

If you ask most surfers who live in Ericeira, they’ll tell you that Coxos is the best wave in Portugal. Ericeira is one of only four dedicated World Surfing Reserves in existence. There’s another World Surfing Reserve in Malibu. And, Dillon Perillo is from Malibu. And, here’s Dillon surfing Coxos, in Ericeira. A link! “Coxos suited Perillo just fine, hailing from Malibu,” says photog Ryan Miller of Dillon’s session at the point. Dillon was the wildcard for the Rip Curl Pro, Portugal and didn’t do so hot, but stuck around to hang out for a stint afterwards. “His smooth style fit these waves perfectly. The wave is gentle but the entry and exit are anything but. Check the sharp rock in the foreground, littered with urchins. Perillo chose to wear booties, not just for the reef, but also ’cause he was down to his last sliver of wax. And yes, this is a make.”

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