Dingoes, Dust And Big Blue Orbs 

by Ethan Davis April 27, 2022 1 min read

There’s lots of driving in the desert.

It’s not like it’s a cheap trip. Petty costs a fortune ATM, and any vehicle towing a ski at 100 kms/hr will guzzle it down pretty quick. 

There’s not a whole lot out in the desert. But that’s why it’s nice. 

Mostly just dusty, dry, and flat plains for as far as the eye can see; with the occasional service station selling outrageously overpriced goods breaking it up. 

Also, waves. If you know where to look. 

Here SEOTY finalist Ollie Henry crawls across the desert. 

Get’s coned, crushes tins, cooks over fire, spots a dingo. 

It’s good shit.

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