Dino Adrian, The Box, WA

by Lauren Trickett March 08, 2016 1 min read

The tide, swell and wind came together.The sun was even out. And the Box was on. As y’can see from this, the crowd was hectic at one of Western Australia’s most (in)famous waves late last week. Photog Lauren Trickett, who shot this, lost count at around 30 guys in the water. Yikes!

West Oz tube beast Dino Adrian, pictured here, and pal Brodie Hawker took young (like, 13!) Jack Robinson for a paddle. Kid’s proven himself in solid North Point (another of West Oz’s more demonic rights), so it was only a matter of time till he gave The Box a nudge. And, by the looks of this bottom turn, Dino’s the perfect tutor.

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