Dion Agius’ Film ‘Dark Hollow’ Is Now Unlocked

by Jack Mutschler June 05, 2021 1 min read

Patience is a virtue, and often times it’s rewarded. Today’s prize comes in the form of Dion Agius’ latest masterpiece ‘Dark Hollow’, which you can now watch for free.

The full-length film shows some of the best surfing we’ve seen from Dion, alongside a fresh approach to producing a surf film. Dark Hollow blends 16mm footage with 4k RED footage and boasts an original score that enhances the visual experience.

The film also raises awareness for environmental issues in Tasmania. Dark Hollow features quotes from Olegas Truchanas, a Lithuanian photographer who pushed to preserve the island’s natural habitat many years ago.

Click here, dim the lights, crank the volume up, and experience a surf film like no other.

And then, click here to check out the exceptional photography book from the project.

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