Dion Agius Releases Flawless Threads Just in Time for Summer

by Stab October 28, 2018 3 min read

The only person I’ve previously admitted this to was Beren Hall—Dion Agius’s best mate and filmer—when I was tipsy and he was inebriated.

Dion.TV, Dion’s digitally forward blog/website/reality show, was massive for me in my formative years. Growing up in a conservative part of the UK, I never really clicked with my contemporaries; rugby just wasn’t my thing. Then I became aware of this guy from halfway across the world who spent his time travelling, surfing, illegally downloading music, going to galleries, reading, hanging out with beautiful women… and not only could I watch regular episodes chronicling this charmed existence, but with a few clicks I could learn about the artists, or download the songs I’d heard and put them on my iPod.

Well, I just thought that was the coolest and it was, if not pivotal, certainly an influence on relocating my life down under and pursuing a creative career.

Mustard: officially nothing to fear.

What’s prompted this nostalgic evaluation? Well, just as the weather on the east coast is turning, prompting one to ponder what kind of a person you were last summer, how your dress reflected such, and who you’d like to be this year, Dion’s dropped a range of casual, wearable threads that you could “command c, command v” straight into your wardrobe and be fit for the best summer ever.

Dion’s +/+ range is more ongoing process than set instalments—presumably reflecting his transient lifestyle—so it’s worth checking in from time to time if you’re light on garments and/or inspiration. Dion’s been leading a pretty rural existence of late (although recent European shenanigans suggest that he’s not adverse to hopping aboard the party bus where applicable) and his range reflects it. It’s also a product of a lot of us of getting sick of looking so damned dressed up the whole time, and dressing down appropriately.

The guiding rule? If you feel silly in the carpark, you’re overdressed. 

Suave, yet comfortable.

Professional freesurfing’s all about shifting product. It’s a pretty transparent affair so be as cynical as you want. But one thing that’s become clear to me in the endless pursuit of self-improvement is that it’s far easier to dismiss something than it is to put your hand up and say that you think it’s valid. So here goes. Ten or so years after I hit play on the clunky first episode on Dion.TV, I still think Dion Agius is pretty cool. And, would wear the majority of his range accordingly. Here’s five picks:

Eclipse Trunks (Weed) 

What else you could demand in a pair of trunks? No bells, no whistles, just enough stretch and the perfect length. And if you’ve been rocking black for the last couple of seasons then the “weed” shade’s a welcome change.  Dion knows.

Piper Shirt

There’s nothing worse than checking the and surf feeling overdressed. Similarly, having to change pre-sundown festivities is a pain. The solution? A shirt like this. Light and breezey enough for all but the most scorching summer day, and perfect for keeping the evening chill off your back when it comes time to frolick.


Sub Title Tee

As long as you use a nice font and the tee’s not ill cut, logos front and centre on a tee always looks good. Ask any streetwear brand that’s inspired ques up the street in the last few years and they’ll tell you as much. What’s “Black Canyon”? No idea. Is it nicely weighted and thus perfect for a front print? Yes.

Los Angered II

The Los Angered mark two is equally suitable for stomping through the bush or slurping java in the big smoke by design, and ticking both those boxes isn’t as straightforward as you’d imagine. The gum sole variation is also most welcome as the mercury starts to rise – goes with anything.


Shade Tee (Mustard)

Colour is officially no longer something to fear. If you’ve been locked in a black and white (occasionally navy and grey) prison for the last couple of seasons, then it’s time to free yourselves from the shackles of such narrow thinking. Mustard’s a great way to start, and pared with some relaxed fit black pants (possibly Dion’s) this summer, you’ll stand out as a bold exception to the monochrome wash. 

Flick through the whole range here.

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