Dirty Lens, Curious Mind

by Geniya October 18, 2015 1 min read

The beach, sunshine and wildflowers. Ah – you’ve heard it all before. How about water that fizzes like beer, sloshed across the South Pacific by the sunset and an unseen full moon? How about El Nino whispering our shores to rest, the only prospect for some real swell in the a seed of a cyclone, waiting idly to blossom in the tropics.

How about surfer girls who paddle for wave after wave without catching many? How about the groms surfing without wetsuits, oblivious to the cold? How about Medina twisting like a gymnast on a magic carpet, and landing what should be impossible?

How about emulating Mick Fanning with a Paul Chek training regimen to optimise human potential? How about working less and surfing more? How about re-evaluating what’s important in life?

How about cleaning a dirty lens, so one in a lifetime shots are not caked in dust spots?

surfergirl with a longboard

wave and mountain

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