Ditch The Coffin Bag And Fly!

by stab April 19, 2018 1 min read

Salina Cruz ain’t a secret. 

The flights in and out of Oaxaca are stuffed full of coffin bags and surfers looking for an easy, warm, fairly drama-free strike on the daily. 

Well, Santa Cruz Harbor rat-turned Salina Cruz prospector, Josh Mulcoy and his lovely Las Palmeras Surf Camp have teamed up with Awayco, and stacked the camp’s poolside racks with the 50 of the very finest in fresh, white, high-performance steeds—Tomo, Slater Designs, Panda, JS, Channel Islands, etc.—making the trip too easy. Ditch the coffin, pack some trunks and plenty of sunscreen, maybe your favorite Futures or FCS if you’re picky, and skip the checked baggage line (and fees, of course). 

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