DJ Javier x The Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

by Zack Raffin April 05, 2021 2 min read

DJ Javier is a busy man.

Between curating his own line of tees under his label Canto Vision, his role as Art Director for Seavess shoes and his numerous large scale commissioned murals for clients like Amazon, the Santa Barbara native found the time to catch up with the LA Times recently to discuss his collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. 

The museum asked DJ to create a piece that speaks from the heart as well as touches on his local community. On the back of what was a trying (and, thanks to the tenacity of, ultimately unifying) incident of racism in the line up at the Manhattan Beach Pier, DJ, who is known for channeling themes of inclusivity throughout his work, made the deliberate decision to create a diverse palette of characters for this collaborative towel. 

DJ told the LA Times:

You see these people, and you see the diversity in their skin tones and the clothing and the hair, and I use super vibrant colors. Just by looking at it, you can peek into this fictional world I’ve created that enters into this idea of diversity. The common thread between all these different people … they’re all moving together with surfboards.

Click here to read the full story. Like what you see? Click here for a bitchin’ towel from an amazing artist that goes to a good cause.

Ed note: We’d like to take a moment to thank DJ for the opportunity to use his work last year during the continuing Black Lives Matter movement in which he created a design for our charitable ‘United Forward’ tee. We are incredibly grateful for your time and are proud to have worked with an inclusive and innovative designer on such a meaningful project!

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