Do Barrels Get Boring When You Get This Many?

by Ethan Davis October 18, 2021 1 min read

‘All Day’ Dylan Wilcoxen is the 12-year-old son of ‘All Day’ Ray Wilcoxen, a lifetime tube addict and owner-operator of Kandui Resort.

We did a little piece on Dylan a while back titled The Most Barreled 11-Year-Old That Has Ever Lived. It showcased his surfing at the world-class breaks of Kandui Left, Rifles, Pistols, Hideaways, Bank Vaults, and Pitstops.

Stab’s Mikey Ciaramella recently took a sojourn to Kandui, and described surfing with Dylan as follows: “He somehow manages to be the only person in position when the wave of the day comes in. It’s incredible, demoralizing, and frankly quite annoying.”

In a further attempt to wind Mikey up, Kandui just released a video of Dylan getting 30 tubes in a single session. Because getting tubed is so effortless for him, he even decides to turn his fins around and get barreled. Mikey’s Sunday is now ruined.

So thanks, Dylan.

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