Do Teenagers Fly Higher Than Full-Fledged Adults?

by stab March 11, 2020 1 min read

At 16 years old, Eli Hanneman nearly won the first Stab High event.

If you ask Matt Biolos and a few of our other critics, Eli actually did win, he was just robbed by a confused and/or corrupted judging panel. 

In his second Stab High, Eli hiurt himself before the event, forcing the Hawaiian to pull out. 

Stab High Melbourne is less than two weeks away. Third time’s a charm, right?

Well, not if Jett Schilling or Levi Slawson have anything to say about it. They, too, plan on taking out Stab High’s seasoned punters, presumably at their creaky old knees. 

Can youth defeat wisdom in the Melbourne Pool?

Buy tickets or PPV here. All proceeds go to Greening Australia. 

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