Do You Do It For The Love?

by Zack Raffin February 15, 2021 3 min read

After a year of disconnection, many of you are likely found this year’s Valentine’s Day more difficult than years past. Thankfully, making a vlog often takes a few days of editing/post-production, meaning that unlike every other form of digital media, the five clips below make no mention of the holiday whatsoever.

Unless you and your significant other like kicking back and watching vlogs together (in which case, ew), it’s likely you’ll be viewing these alone. So please, feel free to yell at the screen-sized version of Koa Smith for cutting one of surfing’s waviest manes, applaud for Mason as he sends it on some Superbowl Sunday shore break, and write that angry DM to Leo about getting back to work instead of indulging in sunset hikes.

This isn’t to say Click or Miss is a safe space, and we may very well judge you at some point in the future, but today I am giving you a hall pass for any upwelling of emotion displayed as a result of these videos.

Click (or miss) below.

Click: The Cola Bros Last Week In Hawaii
Channel Subs: 10.7k
Video Views: 23,121 (3,304 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:406/8 or 51 likes per 1 dislike

We (along with everyone else) have been lauding the brothers Colapinto for their heroic Hawaiian antics. After nearly three months on the North Shore, they’ve culminated their stay with a good ole fashion clip dump onto their Youtube. Vloggy stuff aside, your eyeballs will thank you.

Click- Von Froth Is Back!
Channel Subs: 17k
Video Views: 32,830 (8,207.5 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:437/17 or 25.7 likes per 1 dislike

Nic Von Rupp’s vlog was one of our favorite ascending YT channels of 2020. After taking a few months off, we’re delighted to inform you Von Froth is back. While he’s not towing massive Nazare or chasing some European mysto wave, he is in Costa Rica surfing one of the most playful and all-around desirable breaks in the world—Witches Rock. Bonus points for the Pat O’Connell cameo and Endless Summer 2 interstitial.

Miss- “I should probably be surfing…”
Channel Subs: 10.7k
Video Views: 7,602 (1,267 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:302/1

Maybe it’s the foreign twang, but Leo is actually quite entertaining as a vlog star. He surfs amazing, has a sense of humor, and is easygoing on camera—all of which would normally make this video of him enjoying a lay day via golf, hikes, and bodyboarding with J.O.B an easy Click. Alas, this is getting a Miss because, after summiting the ‘bunker hike’ with his GF, Leo says quite simply, “I probably should be surfing cause that’s my job, not doing vlogs.” While the view is beautiful Leo, we would much prefer to see you riding those waves than looking at them.

Click- GOAT + Mason = Duh
Channel Subs: 81.7k
Video Views: 25,272 (12,636 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:1,303/10 or 130.3 likes per 1 dislike

Does anyone else find it weird how the Smith brothers seemingly grow their hair out in unison? Anyway, Koa’s latest vlog takes place on Super Bowl Sunday, where prior to Tom Brady’s historic performance, a ‘super’ session went down on the North Shore. If you know us, you know our fanfare for Mr. GOAT is only surpassed by our love of Mason Ho. Give us a session with the two of them and you won’t hear a peep of criticism out of us, regardless of how cringey the editing is. Wait, did I just criticize? Fuck.

Miss- Get ready to get reaaaaaal jealous.
Channel Subs: 81.7k
Video Views: 25,272 (12,636 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:1,303/10 or 130.3 likes per 1 dislike

It’s rumored that upon winning the first digital Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (along with all three of the individual event wins) that John Florence took his $65k prize and treated his rather large extended clan on a to-die-for snowboard trip. While we’re sure the financing of such an adventure wouldn’t be a problem for Mr. Florence, how good must it feel to be monetarily rewarded for being hyper-talented at something you love, only for that reward to enable you to bring all the people closest to you on a trip to do something elseyou love? Meanwhile, it’s Valentine’s day and I’m sitting here writing about vlogs while this gaggle of couples enjoys the fruits of Mother Nature. I’m not jealous, you’re jealous!

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