Do You Have What It Takes To Surf The Triple Crown In A Single Day?

by Stab January 19, 2022 3 min read

Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s been firing in Hawaii… for weeks.Not sure what we did to deserve this, but we sure as hell aren’t complaining about the way 2022 has been shaking out thus far. We’ll go so far as to say that there aren’t many people belly-aching here on the North Shore, besides injured surfers who’ve been sidelined or possibly surfboard makers who are working double-time to replenish the abundance of dismembered sleds. But still, with the consistent onslaught of waves, the energy level has been high and the surf stoke has been spread graciously.

With the swell hanging consistently in the 6-10ft range, and reaching exceeding heights regularly, we’ve witnessed all three world-renowned Vans Triple Crown of Surfing locations host super-session after super-session this past week. It’s been one of those years where you find yourself running from Pipe to Sunset to Haleiwa on more than one occasion. In some instances, you even find the GOAT grazing.

In this episode of The Pick-Up, our Stab & Vans joint keeping you current on Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and other happenings around the North Shore, we explore a diverse range of characters who have found themselves amongst the hungry North Shore lineups this winter. Whether they’re homegrown Hawaiians or visiting surfers from every corner of the planet, the next CT hopefuls or stickerless soul shredders, the wide spectrum of surfers on Oahu this time of year makes it one of the most colorful annual gathering points of the sport.

To kick things off this episode, we caught the GOAT’s first session back on the rock — at Haleiwa to be exact. Six weeks out of the water (basically), almost 50 years old, and Kelly’s still sharp as ever. We’re going to need to get a sample of this guy’s blood for lab analysis because this man continues to defy physics and biology.

With time winding down in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing window, we grabbed visiting surfers Harry Bryant and Micky Clarke for a Pick-Up assisted attempt at securing scores at Pipeline, Sunset, and Haleiwa in a single day. It started in the dark at 6am with a bold paddle-out strategy. It ended in the dark at 6pm with exhaustion and a beer or two. Did they get the scores? Was the juice worth the squeeze?

Then, on a day when the North Shore was oversized, unruly, and unsurfable, News Garden host and the Oahu’s own Pua DeSoto gathered the Vans women’s team for a day trip to her home of Makaha to shoot in the surf and sun with fellow Westside local and descendent of surf royalty Ha’a Keaulana. What a treat.

From there, we visited the youngest of the Florence brotherhood, Ivan, to learn what it’s been like coming of age on the North Shore, stepping into his own as a surfer-skater, riding a historic wave in his early teens, and being roped into adventure after adventure with his family. It’d be pretty hard to say “No” when your brothers are John John and Nathan.

Also within this episode, we’ll catch up on the latest news gathered via the Foodland poké queue with Tosh Tudor and Pua DeSoto in the News Garden, get into the current Vans Triple Crown of Surfing standings and more questionable antics with Mikey C in The Bunker, and introduce you to Harley Walters, the latest test pilot for Greg Webber’s otherworldly designs.

It’s the last week for securing waves to submit to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and there’s a beautiful northwest swell lining up to finish out the window, so get ready for some fireworks. If you’re a competitor reading this, get after it!

The Pick-Up returns next Monday at 6pm PST, exclusively on Stab Premium.

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