Do You Like Wetsuits That Won’t Hammer Your Piggie(Bank)?

by Stab December 15, 2018 1 min read

For (one of) the most affordable wetsuit manufacturers on the market, Vissla is your go. Their 7 Seas suit doesn’t exceed $200USD and their premium line, The North Seas, doesn’t exceed $300USD. 

Vissla’s neoprene will save you a few shekels, and while we enter the holiday season, it’s a fine option to suit your neoprene needs. 

During our wetsuit test – which if you’ve been reading this series, you now know that Jesse Guglielmana, Blair Conklin, Noah Wegrich and I spent a week up the Central Northern California coast, driving from above San Francisco down to Santa Cruz for five days sampling an ample amount neoprene. Vissla fell into the middle ground of most our six categories: Stretch and Comfort, Budget, Luxury, Warmest 3/2mm, Best Looking, yada yada. 

Vissla makes a solid, no frills wetsuit. If you own one, you know its functionality is nothing to get upset over. And, that you get a bit more than you pay for. 


Plus, if we are going on sheer aesthetics, Vissla’s are sexy. The 7 Seas and the North Seas come with a variety of understated flair. They also make a version with no logos at all for those who prefer stray away from brand affiliation and appreciate a company that honors that individual. 

The Vissla’s look good, feel fine, and as Noah noted in our short documentary about the best wetsuits of 2018, “It even tastes good.” 

If you like what you see above, go you can shop the 7 Seas here. 

And the North Seas here.


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