Do You Talk In The Lineup?

by Brendan Buckley July 26, 2021 3 min read

Surfing with friends is great. 

Some force you to paddle out in waves that cause your stomach to churn in an uncomfortable way. Some fill the lineup with laughter. Some make you try airs that are blatantly beyond your ability. Some do all of these things, and some just help pay for gas. 

It’s good to have a friend who always has a bar of wax. Sunscreen, too. Fin keys…

Carting an extra leash string around with you is cause for criminal investigation. The person who would do that is unwell. 

But anyway. Surfing with friends is funny because it’s horrible for conversation. 

This is most apparent when you’re mid-chat and a wave appears. In any other setting, for humans, suddenly walking away from someone while they are in the middle of talking to you is one of the most offensive things you can do. It’s unacceptable. Sociopathic. 

In surfing, it’s normal. 

Some people acknowledge it with a quick ‘hold on’ before paddling away. But I think it’s better when you don’t. When you stroke into a wave, half looking back at your friend, going ‘Uh huh, yeah,’ as if you are fully engaged in what they are saying before getting to your feet and disappearing. 

A good conversation will be picked back up when you reunite. Many conversations in the water are not, by this definition, good. 

The quality of a wave dictates the level of intimacy you’re allowed to remove yourself from. Like, if someone is revealing to you the details of a recent traumatic event and the wounds it inflicted upon them, a lil’ two-turn shimmy shimmy left isn’t going to cut it. But, the wave of the day on the day of the year? I am convinced that most of us would leave our best friends in tears for that. 

And they would understand. 

It’s just one of our game’s half-spoken rules. 

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Biarritz Surf Gang 

Speaking of the Olympics, here’s a glimpse into the days when the world of surf was filled with a bunch of pirates who would fight, fuck, party, sometimes win competitons, and always offend the general ideals that the Olympic orginzation holds dear. This is a great documentary, and you can watch it on Stab Premium this weekend only. Get to it.

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Earlier this week, Stab published a clip of a Coolangatta local burning someone at Kirra and proceeding to thread his way through a barrel that most of us would exchange a large amount of capital for, if we had the chance. It lit our Instragram on fire, so we caught up with Burning Man to see if he had any remorse. Hint: he did not. 

Comment of the week: 

Parko’s Middle Finger has held this grudge with burns since 2013. 

One last thing: 

Surfing a wave so small that it allows you to gather enough speed just to turn your board approximately sixty degrees is an experience that exposes the peculiarity of our addiction.

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