Do You Want A Surfboard Sponsorship?

Free wetsuits and boardies are one thing, but nothing beats surfboard support.

For any one wanting to carve out a career in professional surfing sponsorship is of the utmost importance. Apart from spending many years in the water getting to know mother natures watery wonder it’s commercial support that will help you get to the next level. Talent is one thing, but traveling the world is expensive and equipping oneself with the necessary tools can become too much for many bank accounts.

That’s why we’re stoked to pass on this announcement from Dave Verrall at Diverse surfboards. 

“Diverse surf has an opening available for a key team-rider position. We
are looking for surfers who fit our brand ideals. You might call
yourself Innovative or competitive or be a World Qualifying Series Warrior or aerial free
stylist, we don’t mind.
We’ll know when we see your video whether you
will fit with us.

If you are on the WQS or World Tour or planning on having a crack at it or if
you are simply a fantastic surfer who wants the support of an
established innovative surfboard brand then get in touch with us.

Your next step is for you to submit a video of yourself ripping,
talking about your plans in surfing and why you want to be a diverse
team rider. This is what will get you the job of being one of our key
testing crew.

Upload your video to Youtube and email us the link along with your
profile of the usual contest results, achievements,etc etc.

We will commence judging of your video’s immediately, so get in
quick.We would like to have someone appointed as our key team rider by
the end of December 2010.”

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