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As in all trades, there are certain tricks Vloggers use to help further engage their audience.

The standard bold video titles (ie. Jackson Lebsack) and creative thumbnails (try saying Kanoa Igarashi 5 times fast) are standard practice for all Youtube creators (us included), but having a flashy photo and headline isn’t gonna cut it if you want to chop it with the big dogs. As you can see below, your favorite vloggers are as creative as ever in their attempt to get you to click their video or, at the very least, not skip them in your queue.

Whether it’s Brett Barley risking his literal limbs, Kanoa Igarashi giving his entire day over to his followers, or Mason Ho toying with a rock facade, surf Youtube has never been more competitive or entertaining as it is right now. And as history has shown us, that can only be a good thing.

If only we made a rule that for every 10 vlogs you had to put out a full length edit… now that’d be something.

Click – “2nd Place, Pretty Good!”
Channel Subs: 10.4k
Video Views: 6,917 (3,458.5 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:197/2 or 98.5 likes per 1 dislike

The Cola Bros. have returned to their hometown of San Clemente after spending a seemingly endless winter on the North Shore. Really though, they spent over 8 weeks in the islands and logged 1.66 of their available 2 complete VTCS entries (Crosby didn’t submit any Sunset clips). While their breakdown of the digital format and overall contest is less than stellar, click to watch two of the winter’s top performers 10 best waves (as picked by them). 

Click- The Lighthouse Goes Below Sea Level
Channel Subs: 112k
Video Views:180,331 (30,055.16 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:4,035/102 or 39.55  likes per 1 dislike

My first memory of the Hatteras Lighthouse was legendary East Coast surfer Eddie Fawess’ son, Alex, getting a ridiculous barrel in a heat of the Men’s division at ESA Easterns. That is a sentence that will mean absolutely nothing to 99.9% of you, but for the ones that know I hope that shit hit! Here Brett shows you how good of a left tube this place can churn out, with Quentin Turko getting the quintessential brown, square hole we’ve come to expect from the Mid-Atlantic at 6:19. 

Miss- Has Kanoa Joined The Party?
Channel Subs: 8.84k
Video Views: 8,751 (1,750.2 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:413/5 or 82.6 likes per 1 dislike

Kanoa Igarashi has the outsized personality needed to sustain a healthy vlog audience, so it makes sense that he seems to be dipping his toe into the swamp. This being Kanoa’s fourth-ever video on his YT channel (and the first in two months), it will be interesting to see how this develops. While this video’s concept is creative (although typically executed by teenage girls), the workout montage is what gets it for me. The 35 seconds I just watched of him jumping/squatting rope is time I’ll never get back…

Click- The Walters Bros. Do The Burleigh Single Fin Festival
Channel Subs: 331
Video Views: 1,443 (3,458.5 views/day)
Like/Dislike Ratio:31/1

Harley Walters has been putting out one edit after anotherof him ripping on boards that are two to three times older than he is. With an actual competition to ride such a equipment coinciding with an opportunity for him to finally get to a further round than older brother Dakoda, what’s not to love? I’m sure young Harley will take out this event sooner than later…

Miss- Jamie’s Filmer Probably Has More Subs Than You
Channel Subs: 21.9k
Video Views: 6,201 
Like/Dislike Ratio:687/2 or 343.5 likes per 1 dislike

We’ve talked about the impressive size of the O’Brien operation many times, but there is no fact that speaks to the engagement of Jamie’s audience more than his filmer Jackson’s vlog. The man who makes Jamie’s videos has more followers than the Cola Bros and Kanoa combined. While his scale may be impressive, his content isn’t for us (the titling could be improved) but hey, if it ain’t broke…

One tidbit we did pick up from this clip is where Jackson announces Jamie has SOLD his iconic Pipe house and that they’ll be out of there in 45 days. While we’re sad to see it go we’re sure Jamie has something up his sleeve, I mean can anyone envision a winter where J.O.B isn’t center stage at Pipe? I know I can’t. 

*All calculations are as of Friday 2/5 due to obligatory Super Bowl Sunday celebrations.

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