Does Anyone Put Out More Edits Than Filipe Toledo?

by stab October 18, 2017 1 min read

Being in the biz of watching, or fast forwarding nearly every surf edit that hits the internet, it is apparent, there is no team more prolific in the art of web-edits than the Filipe Toledo x Bruno Baroni duo. Forget the Single Sessions that come out here on a (near) bi-monthly basis, but in-between each event Filipe drops at least one-to-three clips. If being number 8 in the world and the only CT surfer this season with two event wins doesn’t keep him relevant; the sheer quantity of web-clips keep him fresh on any consumer of surf media’s mind (such as this one documenting his Lowers victory). And, apart from Yago Dora, he’s the only Brazilian we see prevalently outside of the contest uniform (with the occasional Miguel or Samuel Pupo). Is that strange? Smart? Should we be grateful? Sure.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the Adriano de Souza clip, with hopes he’s banking “bangers”. That he’s ready to drop 10,15,20? years of unseen footage at any minute? He’ll title it “Seven Dollar Surfboard.” Wouldn’t that be a thrill!?

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