Don’t Challenge Jake Vincent To A Game Of Surf-Skate

by Ethan Davis August 03, 2021 1 min read

Yandina Speedway was a 400 metre clay Oval located in Maroochydore that shut down in 2003 following public outcry that it was too noisy and dangerous. 

Jake Vincent’s latest clip for Misfit Surfboards is also noisy and dangerous. A syntheste might say that it resembles a flaming hot fireball exploding from a leaking diesel engine. 

But in all seriousness, I can probably name two moves Jake Vincent performs in this clip, and he performs at least more than three. Fellow skate-surf brethren, please give me a hand, I am not cut out for this.  

Also, that surfboard is weird. Nose channels, box rails, is that a rounded-swallow? 

Similar to attending a speedway on a clay oval, Jake Vincent’s lofi metallic grunge will grind your gears but leave you oddly fascinated, extremely confused and maybe with lingering tinnitus.

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