Don’t Forget: Harry Bryant Airs His New Film “Orb” This Week

by Stab November 26, 2018 4 min read

Already had plans this Friday? Well you can go right ahead and set them alight, as there’s a blonde-bowled gent named Harry Bryant who wants to party with you.

The Sunny Coast’s golden boy has been working on a little something with his new friends on the New South Wales South Coast (for the most part being revered vid guy, Dave Fox). The pair are almost ready to digitally give birth to their latest film piece, codenamed ‘Orb’, then screen the sucker this week in Thirroul (Thurs), Sunshine Coast (Sat) and here at Stab HQ, Bondi Beach (Fri).

Liquid thrills will be on ice and provided free of charge. Screening time and hors d’oeuvre offering is TBC, as it’s Monday and we’re too busy watching Pipe footage from today.

Hazz tells Stab ‘Orb’ is a quarter of an hour of teeth-gritting material. There’s large, carefree airs, many of which spectacularly incomplete, mysto South Coast drains, a few Ments trips and a visit to the Tahitian big league. 

Here’s what HB had to say over the phone on his way back from an escalated Buck’s weekend on the Central Coast.


(After a few mins worth of chit-chat around weekend escapades…)

Stab: So, Hazz, tell me about Orb. 

Harry: To cut a long story short, I’ve been breaking the last two years into two edits every six months and I’ve been reflecting on it all, now I want to work on a yearly project instead and see what I can come up with. 

I’ve had a really busy year, but it’s hard to show people that you’ve been doing surf trips and stuff without just dropping shit on Instagram every week. So we’ve been sitting on some footage from the year. We did two boat trips in the Ments, surfed my brains out around the south coast and went to Tahiti a couple of weeks ago.

Did you have a swing at the big time?

I had a swing. I was outta my depth, but it was good. It ended up getting pretty crowded, all the Hawaiian crew came over and they’re all super dominate over there. They’re crazy, couldn’t even believe the waves they were going. It got really big and I was stoked sitting in the channel and just watching. But yeah, I got a couple inside ones which is always good. 


How long is it?

I think it goes for about fifteen minutes. I don’t think it’s even done yet [laughs]. It’ll come down to the wire.

Dave Fox is doing it?

Yep. Big Dav is on the tools. He’s had a super busy year himself. He’s working on a project with Craig, does a heap of stuff with Dion, and he’s been travelling a bit all year. He’s a super good guy to work with. He just lives around the corner for me, so we’ve just been hanging out all year.

He’s definitely a man of the moment, everyone’s doing something with him.

For sure. Everyone just loves his company really. It’s actually crazy, he’s so inquisitive on the ocean, it’s messed up. All he does all day is look at synoptic charts, live winds, tides, for everywhere around the world. He’ll come get a coffee and be like, ‘Oy, Ireland’s going to be fucking cooking next week!’ He just studies it.

Even down south here, there’s so many breaks, but if you don’t know where you’re going you can just drive around all day and not even surf. He used to be a bodyboarder himself back in the day, so yeah, that whole crew just know where to be at the right time. If I didn’t know those boys I wouldn’t know where to go.

Any trouble during shooting? 

Oh yeah… There’s always stories every trip. One time we were down south, It was one of those days where you just drive around checking everywhere. I wanted to check this beachy and I drove through this puddle in my car, thinking that it was just a little puddle, and it turned into an absolute sink hole that completely flooded my car. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and next thing I knew there was water up to my knees. We didn’t even end up surfing. 

So what should we expect this Friday at the prem? What are we in for?

Video-wise, it’s a really raw piece that just shows a lot of stuff I didn’t make. It kind of sums up my year. I’d just grit my teeth – I mean there’s a bunch of things that I just like watching back, when I’m watching a video I love seeing someone just huck an air into the flats and get absolutely obliterated. So yeah, there’s some pretty good wipeouts in there.

There’s also a pretty brutal track at the start, so that’ll rattle some people pretty hard. A real psycho death metal track.

Friday night should be sick, I’m pretty pumped. My good mate Ed, he’s hooked us a heap of tins. It’s gonna be red hot I reckon. We’ll rip the lids off a couple.

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