Don’t Miss Laura Enever’s New Full Length Premiere, Sunday In Oz

by stab March 06, 2020 2 min read

This Sunday, at the Hayden Orpheum in Mosman, Sydney, we’ll get our first look at “Undone,” the feature-length film starring Laura Enever, former CT star/Billabong poster girl turned heavy wave hopeful and Jaws invitee.

Over a year in the making, we’ve made sure to catch up with Laura along the way, as she got comfortable chasing heavy waves around the world for the film.

Most big wave surfers make a film when they’re killing it,” Laura told Stab in December. “But I’m doing one learning big wave surfing.”

“I’d gotten to the point where I’d be doing 20 contests a year and I needed to do something else, to use this adrenaline inside me. I actually wanted to do skydiving for a second! I was like, maybe I’m gonna be a skydiver on the side? And then I was like, wait, “Why don’t I just go surf big waves?” I went on a couple trips that changed my life. My brother took me to Fiji when it was really big, and then to P-Pass. It was me and like five boys, and the waves were huge, ten foot, I was probably the biggest waves I’ve paddled, just big barreling waves, and I was just getting smoked and hitting the reef on every wave, but because I was on a boys trip I didn’t want to complain but I was fully getting hurt.”

“Shortly after that, I went on to win some of the biggest contests I had ever won, and I realised that those big waves felt better than winning. So I decided I need to do this more, and make a big decision to focus on chasing swells.”


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