Donald Trump Plans To Build A 3km Long Seawall At Doughmore Beach, Ireland

by stab September 16, 2016 3 min read

For too long the American public has been forced to endure the rhetoric of a certain businessman cum politician blabbering on about how he’s going to build a wall, how it’s going to be huge, how it’s going to be beautiful, and how it’s going to stop rapists and murders. But there’s another wall the great Donnie Trump isn’t talking about on podiums. One, that he’s hoping will make Ireland great…again.

The Donald and his company, Trump International Golf Links, have their crosshairs on Doughmore Beach in Western Ireland—home of Doonbeg Golf Resort and some fair beach break peaks. They want to use 200,000 tons of rock to build a 15-foot high, nearly three km long seawall.


It may not be world class, but there’s certainly a few ramps and corners to be had.

Yesterday, the conservation group Save The Waves jumped into the fray, launching “an aggressive ‘Endangered Wave’ campaign” that’s seeking to “prevent this massive and misguided seawall project.”

So far a petition has been circulated and has garnered over 45,000 signatures. It will eventually be presented to a group of 30 lawmakers in charge of rendering the final decision. The Save Doughmore Facebook group reports that “The decision-making process on the wall has been extended, so we are going to take advantage and put some pressure on the decision makers.”

One of the more user-friendly surf breaks on Ireland’s temperamental Atlantic Coast, Doughmore’s an expansive stretch of sand that’s significantly affected by the drastic tide swings and winter’s combative storm systems. Utilised by locals and tourists alike, it serves as a relaxing respite from the otherwise craggy coastline.

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Save the Waves getting all up on that world play hashtag. Photo: Save Doughmore Beach Facebook

The issue of the seawall dates back to winter storms in February 2014, when Trump’s organisation began to illegally dump boulders along the public beach at Doughmore in hopes of sparing their golf course from the ocean. As one might expect, local activists and authorities flipped out. Donnie was forced to halt all activities until he obtained the proper permitting. In March 2016 he submitted his first proposal, which was promptly rejected by the Irish government.

But the fight continues. According to Save The Waves, “The local Clare County Council is now the responsible agency deciding the fate of Doughberg Beach. They have reviewed Trump’s permit application and Environmental Impact Statement and have sent a Request for Further Information outlining 51 specific points that they want resolved or clarified.”

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It’s probably for the best to keep Doughmore looking like this. Photo: Save Doughmore Beach Facebook

“Representatives for Trump have recently said that if the planning application is not given the go ahead then there’s a real possibility the resort would close—a statement, those opposing the plan say, show willingness to bully decision makers into getting their own way,” reported Magic Seaweed’s Jason Lock back in April. But objectors don’t want the facility to close—it’s their friends and neighbours who work there after all. They are calling for a better solution than spoiling an Irish beauty spot.

“Those vocalising their disdain at potential beach ruination say, in order to rectify the problem, Trump could move the golf course back from the coastline,” continues Lock. “There’s enough land under Trump’s control, they claim, and would be a straightforward solution.”

Trump’s final deadline comes this December. An appeals process will almost inevitably follow.

You can sign the petition here.

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