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by stab March 08, 2016 3 min read

John Florence is the new big hit playing everywhere right now. He is surfing’s tomorrow. He’s core, he charges and he’s understated, but he’s hovering on the edge of KS-esque celebrity. And he’s about to release a film.

Done is a movie from dear John and 20-year old pal/filmer/nice guy, Blake Kueny. As well as John himself, Done stars his brothers Nathan and Ivan, as well as Matt Meola, Albee Layer and Kiron Jabour. It’s 23 minutes long. It’s filmed in Hawaii, Tahiti, South Africa and Western Australia, mostly on a Red Scarlet cam that John bought himself. And, it’s premiering on Wednesday evening at the skatepark on the North Shore. So if you’re in Hawaii, be there.

Stab just spoke with Blake about everything Done. This might just be film of the year.

Stab: You were tight-lipped about this at the start of the year. And, you’ve held your line.
Blake: Well, this project was the main idea when I came on with John at the beginning of the year. I was filming Jordy at the time, and John and Jordy were obviously both on O’Neill, so we had a lot of time together. We went snowboarding at Mammoth on like, December 29 and 30, and it just came up. I said I really wanted to get a project, that I didn’t just wanna be filming for nothing. He had the same idea. There was a big swell headed for Hawaii so we went, we filmed that whole week and it was kinda like a trial period. Then, he just wanted me to go with him for the rest of the year.

Is John’s Red Scarlet purchase about quality control, and every bit of footage that’s released of him looking as good as it can? Yeah, totally. And it’s also just John’s passion for cameras. He has so many other cameras and he’s always shooting. When I’m not with him, he’ll send me stuff from the Red, and I’ll be like damn, you shot this? He knows how to use it just as well as I do. We both have that passion, which is really cool.

It’s totally a friends and family deal. Yep. It’s just who he hangs out with. He wanted this project to show who he is and not try to make it something bigger than it is. And it’s just… I think when you build up a bunch of hype, it’s really hard to live up to it. We just wanted kids to wake up and be like, “What? There’s a John John movie? I didn’t even know about this!” Imagine waking up one day and seeing, like, a new album. You know it’s coming but don’t really hear about it, and it just drops and you go, oh my gosh, this is amazing.

Is the shorter length (23 mins) to keep it premium? We really didn’t say, oh, we want it to be half an hour, or an hour, or whatever. We just started editing and thought, however long this is gonna be, it’s gonna be. I just edited and whatever felt right would be right. We didn’t shave or add clips to lose or make time.

What else do you wanna make known? Just that john did have a strong influence on this movie. He oversaw almost all of it, and he really wanted to have his input. I think a lot of people that make a movie with someone don’t have that. But he really did and that’s something that’s cool about the whole project. Also, we felt like when it’s free, it’s cool, but you forget about it. Free stuff gets undervalued. So, it’ll be available on iTunes soon.

Be sure to go check out John’s Done site, here.

DONE Trailer from John John Florence on Vimeo.

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