Dream Like Clockwork

by Photos May 09, 2017 1 min read

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.So, all the more reason to keep track of it. Within this piece, there’s a hidden message: Treat your time lovingly. Because, in the grand scheme, we’re given precious little of it, and there’s nothing worse than wondering. Don’t hit the snooze button. Don’t ignore that turnoff. Don’t pull back on that wave. Go in for the kiss. Never cease the chase. Wear an extraordinary timepiece. One of these will suffice.


Left: Nixon, The Mission, $600, Click Here
Right: Nixon, Ultratide, $430, Click Here


Left: Rip Curl, Rifles Tide, $350, Click Here
Right: Rip Curl, Agent Gold Leather, $250, Click Here

Left: G-Shock, GWN1000B-1B, $849, Click Here
Right: G-Shock, GAX100B-7A, $299, Click Here

Left: G-Shock, GA110BW-1A, $269, Click Here
Right: G-Shock, GWN1000GB-1A, $949, Click Here


Left: Electric, Prime Silicone, Nukus, $100, Click Here
Right: Electric, Prime Tide Silicon, Nukus, $140, Click Here

Electric, Prime Tide Silicone, Orange $100 Click Here

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